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Five “Must Visit” Wineries Within the Niagara on the Lake Region

Niagara on the Lake is a small town in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Located where Lake Niagara meets Lake Ontario makes this the perfect region for wineries. A wine tour of the area will convince you that no finer grapes are grown anywhere, making this one of the best wine regions in the world.

Niagara on the Lake is gaining international recognition as a beautiful destination for enjoying breathtaking country scenery, delicious food and marvellous wine. There are twenty-five vineyards dotting the countryside, just a short drive from Niagara Falls.

The region presents visitors with three festivals per year. The Niagara Wine Festival is held annually in the fall. During the summer New Vintage Festival, visitors get their first taste of the year’s production. And in January, the Ice Wine Festival celebrates Ontario’s most famous wine in the midst of a glorious winter wonderland.

But, you don’t have to wait for a festival to enjoy the delicious wines – most wineries are open year round. Be sure to check out these five “must visit” wineries.

1. Chateau des Charmes
In 1978, Paul Michel Bosc founded Chateau des Charmes. Situated against the glorious Niagara Escarpment, the winery provides an unparalleled wine drinking experience. The Chateau is available for public and private tastings, celebrations and spectacular weddings.

The vineyard is family owned and operated with a long history of wine making specialists. Today, the business operates more than 150 wineries, and welcomes more than a million visitors per year.

Chateau Des Charmes founder Paul Michel Bosc

2. Colaneri Estate Winery
Colaneri Estate Winery was started by the family patriarch, Joseph in the late 1960s when he brought his family to Canada. It still sits on the glorious St. David’s Bench where it was originally founded. Colaneri taught the art of wine making to his two sons, who now run the vineyard. They in turn, are teaching their children to take over the business someday.

The Colaneri brothers have made several improvements to the building over the years, which sits in the heart of the vineyard. The retail store overlooks the production area where visitors are treated with a grand view of the entire wine making process.

3. Inniskillin Wines
Co-founded by Donald Ziraldo and Karl Kaiser, Inniskillin Wines was the first estate winery in Canada to be granted a license. The team carefully selects only the best fruits to create their wine and then cellars it to perfection.

The business is open all year round with tours available daily. Although reservations aren’t required, Inniskillin recommends calling ahead at peak times as the tours are first come first served.

4. Magnotta Winery
Founded in 1990 by Gabe and Rossana Magnotta, the Magnotta Winery is the third largest winery in Ontario. It is the only company of this type in Canada licensed to make and sell beer and distilled products in addition to wine. With more than 3500 excellence awards since its inception, Magnotta is the highest award winning winery in the country.

In addition to offering fabulous wine, the company provides a full service experience with gourmet food, original art displays, in-store events and highly trained staff ready to help you in any way.

5. Peller Estates Winery
Wine maker Katie Dickieson and chef Jason Parsons serve up an experience you won’t soon forget. Together they create wine and gourmet dishes to delight any palate. Visitors are guided through the entire wine making process, from growing the grapes to pairing the wine with the perfect food.

The winery offers visitors a wide variety of experiences, including wine tasting right out in the vineyard.

Peller Estates Winery


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